ProTech Key and Locksmith - New Wireless Home Security Systems - Image 2New Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless Home Security Systems are becoming quite common with the popularity of Smart technology. For many years, the hard-wired security systems from companies such as Brinks and ADT have been popular. However, many people didn’t like the idea of the hard-wired system, no matter how much they might have needed it.

A home security system will call the proper authorities should their services be needed. If the system senses a break-in, the monitoring company will usually try to reach the homeowner before dispatching the police. If someone does make it past your locked front door, perhaps through a window that they break, the monitoring system will sense it and put in a call to police.

Even if you do decide on investing in a home security or surveillance system, your house is still only safe if you have locked the door, including the deadbolt. If you are concerned that you might not have the best locks on your doors, your local locksmith can guide you towards the best locks for your home and can take care of their installation.

Why Wireless?

Wireless systems are growing in popularity partially due to lowered costs and the ability to install the system on your own without a technician having to come to your home. Even if you do the installation yourself, you will want your local locksmith to make sure that you have the right locks on your doors so that you know, upfront, that your home is secure as long as you lock the doors.

With a wireless system, you have an added degree of safety. With the old hardwire systems, a burglar could cut the wires outside the home and disable the system. With a wireless system, the possibility of “smash and grab” burglary becomes a thing of the past. Wireless systems are battery operated and will not fail during a power outage.

It is best to make sure that in addition to your wireless surveillance/security system, that you have a top-quality lock and deadbolt on your front door. The extra security of a system is great, but you should always protect yourself, your family, and your belongings with the time-tested door locks and deadbolts that require an old fashioned key to open. Combination, keyless, and remote locking mechanisms can be hacked, and therefore cannot protect you nearly as well as a traditional keyed lock and deadbolt.

Wireless Surveillance Systems

The best part of the new wireless systems are the indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. There are a wide range of them available, and many of the indoor surveillance cameras will allow you to talk to your children and your pets.

Most of these surveillance camera systems will not record the footage without an extra fee charged by the Monitoring company. They do provide you with an extra feeling of safety when you are home alone. By monitoring who is coming to your door, you will know who it is safe to unlock the deadbolt and open the door to.

Top Brands

Of the available brands of surveillance camera security, the Nest brand is quite possibly the best one out there. They also recently acquired their top competitor: Dropcam. The combination of two companies as one allows them to truly provide the very best in surveillance cameras.

Many of the larger security system companies, such as Brinks and ADT, will offer Nest or Dropcam cameras as a part of their security packages. SimpliSafe is another DIY system that incorporates Nest cameras. Their system is good for surveillance, and their monitoring plans are quite affordable.

No matter what brand of surveillance camera you choose, you need to remember to lock your doors. You should consider your locks and deadbolts to be an important aspect of your overall security planning.