Keep Your Business ADA Compliant with Push to Exit Devices

Push to exit buttons are exceptional features for commercial areas such as office buildings, large retail stores or any high-traffic area. Push to exit buttons also make your building much more accessible to people with handicaps or disabilities, as they don’t need to physically hold the door open for themselves. ProTech Key & Locksmith can help install these devices with ease.

ProTech can also install request to exit devices, which sense when someone is approaching and open the doors automatically. These are ideal for hospitals, doctor offices, schools or any facility in which it is necessary to limit the transfer of germs and other bacteria. Contact us for more information today.

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Push To Exit

ProTech has been installing push to exit devices for commercial businesses for years. Push to exit devices are perfect for people with handicaps or disability. Those you use canes or wheelchairs need more space and cannot easily do tasks such as pushing a door open. try to make it as easy as possible for them to circulate through public areas.

Request to Exit

Request to exit and automatic door openers are another great way for businesses and commercial areas to ease the entry to their facility. Whether an office or a hospital, automatic doors help prevent the spread of germs because no one is grabbing a door handle. These devices are also within ADA regulations and ProTech is here to help you install them.

ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act regulates the requirements for businesses to remain compliant and allowing those with disabilities to access their establishments. The ADA tries to help them adapt to society so that they can do the activities a person without any disabilities can. Push to Exit & request to exit devices are ADA compliant and are perfect for your business.

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