Ignition Switch Knowledge, Quick Repairs

Your car’s ignition switch siphons power from the vehicle’s battery and transfers it to the starter, which is the mechanism that tells your car that it needs to turn on. When it doesn’t operate properly, the electrical components of your car have no way to function.

Automotive ignition key repairs can range from simple to complicated. Sometimes the fix is as easy as removing a few screws to access the ignition switch; sometimes the fix is as complicated as removing the steering column. ProTech Key & Locksmith has the experience needed to diagnose the problem and repair your ignition switch today.

ignition switch repair

Ignition Key Repair

The ignition is a part of the car that is often overlooked but that is just as important as the engine. Without a working ignition, the car will not turn on and if the car doesn’t start, you won’t be going very far. We take ignition repairs seriously because we know how important of a role they play when it comes to making the car work.

Leading Ignition Switch Replacement Services

Ignition switch replacements are tricky to fix because there are a variety of issues that may affect it. At ProTech, we have experienced technicians that have dealt with ignition switch malfunctions for over 20 years. By always striving to provide our clients with the best possible service, we have come to be known as one of the leading ignition key replacement locksmiths.

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