Access Control Issues? Install a Push Button Door Lock to Solve Those Problems

Push button door locks offer an extremely simple and convenient way to provide controlled access between public and private secured areas- no more losing keys or access cards, no more lockouts, no more hiding keys under the mat. Combinations can also be changed in a matter of seconds, so if you believe your security may be compromised, all you need to do is remove the lock and reset the combination.

ProTech Key & Locksmith installs, repairs and services push button door locks. With features such as temporary access codes and easy change passwords, push button locks are an easy solution to your access problems.

Controlled Access Between Public & Private Areas

If there are areas of your business facility that need to be secured without the hassle of maintaining multiple keys, then a push button door lock is an easy security solution. Access to secure areas is provided by the push of a button, so you never have to worry about losing the key again. Call ProTech for more information today!

Easy Code Reset

We understand when you enter your access code, you might feel unsafe that someone could see your passcode. You can easily change the code without anyone knowing and have a brand new one in minutes. Now, if you ever feel unsafe, you can easily change it again. ProTech Key & Locksmith includes this feature in each push button lock we install.

Hassle Free Security Option

If you are tired of carrying multiple keys, it might be time to consider a push button door lock. This hassle free lock works great when you are carrying heavy objects or need to secure an area that only you can gain access to. With so uncertainties when it comes to security, trust ProTech to install a push button lock for you today.

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