Reprogramming your Cars CPU, Teaching it New Keys

A car’s CPU, or central processing unit, is the computer in charge of only allowing access to the keys that have been programmed to the car. CPU reflashing is the process of removing the cars computer, locating the immobilizer that is responsible for providing access to the right keys and erasing the old files. Essentially, you teach the computer the “learn” or program new keys.

ProTech Key & Locksmith is one of the few locksmiths that has the capability to reflash your cars CPU. It is a generally cost-efficient and convenient procedure, and we perform it quickly so you can get back on the road.

Reflashing Your Car's Computer

The inside of your car and its contents are as important as the engine and its components. When you reflash the CPU of your new car, your locks will respond to the key that you have and no others. You can count on ProTech to secure your car and all your belongings inside.

Cost Efficient & Convenient Reflashing Procedures

CPU reflashing procedures sound expensive; however, here at ProTech, we have the required tools and technologies to make the process seamless and easy. We make it as affordable for our clients as possible and are up front and honest about expenses, processes and timelines.

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