Electronic Credential Access Control for Your Business

ProTech Key & Locksmith offers sophisticated access control systems to commercial buildings and businesses in the form of badge and credential card readers. Access badges and credential cards are comprised of numbers that are deciphered by a card reader and that card reader then sends the number to an access control system that either grants or denies access dependent upon the validity of the credential. If the credential’s number is recognized by the access control system, it provides the badge holder with admittance into the secured access point.

Access control systems can safeguard your facility and initiate the proper security measures in the case of a break-in. ProTech installs and services access control systems; give one of our access control security technicians a call today if you have any questions about installing a badge or card reader for your building.

access control system solutions

Credentials Allow Access to Specific Areas

The Access Control System allows facilities to provide badges and credentials to individuals for ease of access to certain areas of the building. All personnel can have their own badge or credential that would allow them access to their designated area of the building without constant supervision.

Building & Departmental Security

The badges and credentials used in the Access Control System grants or denies access to personnel according to their rank or level in the organization. For example, a security guard may have access to more parts of the building whereas a regular employee may only have access to his/her department.

Initiate Proper Security Measures

By allowing access to certain parts of the building, it is much easier to know who the culprit is if something goes missing or if there are any damages to the property. Along with security cameras, when an incident does occur, the badges and credentials record time as well and it will be much easier to keep track of what goes on in your facility.

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