ProTech Locksmith is the trusted mobile locksmith of the Lakewood and Denver-Metro, Houston-Metro and surrounding communities

Ted Bruntzel started locksmith training in 1989 and opened his first company, Denver Security Systems, in 1993. ProTech Key & Lock became the trade name in 2014. Denver Security & ProTech began a contract with the City and County of Denver in 2004.

We are a trusted company with the Denver Police Department and Denver Fire Department.

Trusted by Government Agencies like Denver Police & Fire Departments

We are a trusted company with the Denver Police agencies and Denver Fire Departments. In order for our employees to hold access badges to gain entry to all facilities, deep backgrounds checks must be completed and passed. We have worked closely with Metro SWAT as their alarm system provider and tactics involving quick entry techniques. ProTech Locksmith is so well trusted, we hold master key systems to the shooting range weapons and ammunition surplus.

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We strive to create lasting relationships within the community

Ted Bruntzel believes in relationships and that a business should see every new client as a potential long term relationship no matter how large or small the scope of work. We charge a fair price and back up our products and workmanship so that no matter what happens, our clients can rest assured that our warranty will remain solid.

ProTech became involved with the AAA Auto Club in 1993. Ted was attracted to this club because of their undying commitment to customer service and a great product. ProTech models the business after companies with hundreds of years of service excellence and will make no compromise to class “B” service. ProTech has been the advisor for Channel 7 News after opening one of their news vans when the keys got locked inside. We work together with Channel 7 news as stories arise that pertain to public safety.