Broken Key in your Lock? ProTech Key & Locksmith can help!

So, you’ve broken your key inside the door lock to your car, home or business. Now what? Extracting a broken key requires the necessary tools and knowledge to do so, which is why it is best left up to the experts. Call ProTech Key & Locksmith and we will dispatch a technician to your location within minutes, no matter the day or time.

Whether your key is stuck in the car door, your house’s patio lock or even a safe tucked away in your business, we have experience with each scenario and have been extracting broken keys since 1993.

broken key extractions

Any Type of Key Extraction

Here at ProTech, we fix all kinds of locks from a safes to car doors to commercial businesses. In order to be able to extract keys from these high tech places, high tech tools are required and that is exactly what we have here at ProTech.

Our Technicians Have 20+ Years of Experience

If one of your keys gets stuck, call us today. What seems like a small problem can quickly turn in to a bigger problem if not done properly. With 20+ years of experience, ProTech Key & Locksmith can extract the broken key without any negative consequences to your door or lock.

Request Emergency Service by giving us a call directly

We have operators standing by to answer any questions you may have. Our technicians are fully equipped to help around the clock.

Schedule a visit from a certified Locksmith Technician

If you're in need of assistance and would like to coordinate a time for a technician to come by your home or office, request an appointment and we'll confirm a time with you directly.