General Questions

Since 1993, ProTech Locksmith in has served residential homes, commercial businesses and industrial areas with top-of-the-line locksmith services and security systems in Denver, Lakewood and surrounding areas.

Ted Bruntzel is proud to be a trusted locksmith and has seen many advancements in the security industry. However, he has also noticed a decline of integrity in the locksmith industry. Small unlicensed so-called companies have plagued the industry with lies and deception and Ted wants his customers to be aware of such scams.

When searching the internet for locksmith service, please be aware of companies that say “This service starts at…” This is the oldest trick in the book, giving a low starting price to a customer in distress just to get the service truck to your location. At this point, everything changes. The starting price that was suggested to you over the phone has now gone from 65 to 365$ or more. These companies will proceed with the work and then give you the real price after the job is complete. They will use technical terms or say that your car required a more expensive chip set. Unfortunately, once you realize you are being scammed, they will actually threaten to call the Police or impound your vehicle. The truth is that the police won’t come and they cannot lean or impound your car. The best solution is to just tell the to keep the key and call someone else. We have tested this theory by actually calling other locksmith companies in an attempt to get a straight quote and have had no luck, they will not give a set price! Keep in mind, if you have a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee it will be the exact same process for replacing a lost key as any other 2009 Cherokee but over the phone they will tell you that every car is different.

At ProTech, we encounter more than one customer a day that has fallen victim to locksmith scams.

We understand it is human nature to shop around and try to find the best price. Our prices are never adjusted to be more profitable in order to take advantage of someone under the duress and anxiety that one is already experiencing when locked out of your home or vehicle. We believe in integrity, and our amazing and legitimate reviews on Google should give you the comfort you need to call us at Protech Key & Locksmith.

For your protection, and to weed out these pirates, please ask for a firm price over the phone, do not give out your address until you have agreed on a price and if the service provider you have used tries to change your price, write a review on Google, Yelp, etc. so other consumers can be aware of these scams as well.