BMW Key Replacement Doesn't Have To Be Difficult!

Bavarian Motor Works, better known as BMW, has an established reputation for having keys that only the dealer can provide and replace. Customers, and the majority of locksmith’s, agree with the notorious “dealer-only” key replacement theory. However, high-tech automotive locksmith specialist’s know this is a myth. We are here to set the record straight. We cut and program keys to many BMW vehicles!

BMW key replacement

Locked Doors

BMW is an industry leader in new technology and one of the first automakers to introduce power door locks. Although, over time with persistent use, the power door locks can wear out, and you will experience problems accessing your car. Locked out of your BMW? Call ProTech Key & Locksmith.

Keys Broken in Ignition or Lock

The actuators in the cylinders found in the locks and ignition get worn with time. This is the leading cause of keys getting stuck, and many people make the mistake of forcing the key to turn. Forcing the key can lead to it breaking in the admission. Only an experienced BMW key locksmith can extract it, call us immediately and we will fix the problem on the spot.

Fualty Key Fob

The modern versions of all BMW vehicles use a key fob to start the engine, and over time, it can stop working. This will mean that you are stuck on the spot without a way of starting the engine. This problem will require the services of an experienced BMW locksmith. We have access to the BMW key fob and transponder database, and this allows us to reprogram your new BMW key fob right on the spot.

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