ProTech Key and Locksmith - How to Change Your Locks - ImageHow To Change Your Home & Business Locks

There are times in life where it becomes necessary to change your locks. You might be installing them on a new door, changing the type of locking doorknob, changing the locks on your car, adding a deadbolt, or changing a broken lock.

ProTech has 26 years of experience in every aspect of locksmithing. There are new technologies that require attention when they fail, such as keyless entry systems on many newer models of vehicles. We stay up to date on all of the latest technologies related to both home and vehicle lock systems.

Many times, a simple rekeying of your locks will meet your needs. Other times, you will need to completely replace the lock itself. You might even be looking to upgrade to locks that meet the requirements of ‘smart’ technology. No matter what type of lock you are looking to change, it is best to understand how each type functions.

Types of Locks

There are various types of locks available for home, office, and vehicles. The basic types are:

  • Keyed locks. These are the traditional locks that require a key.
  • Combination locks. These locks have a keypad in place of a cylinder where you would insert the key.
  • Card access. These locks have a space for a key card as opposed to a traditional key or numeric keypad.
  • Keyless Entry. In this case, the area where the key used to be inserted now contains technology that accepts the signal from the key fob or smartphone.

No matter what type of access you need, your locksmith can best guide you in your decision and install the locking mechanism that will best meet your needs.

Locks For The Home And Office

Most locks and deadbolts share the same components. They have a cylinder where traditionally the key is inserted, but may now contain a keypad or card access. You have the bold that extends from the lock into the door frame. Finally, you have the box, which is the square hole in the door frame held firmly with a plate that holds the lock in place.

While the entry requirements differ for everyone, the main components of bolt and box remain the same. If you have problems with these components, your locksmith can easily repair it.

If your entry requirements now require a combination lock, card access, or keyless entry, then the cylinder will need to be changed. The bolt will be one of two types: either a deadbolt or a spring bolt. As your needs change, you will decide which is more appropriate for your needs.

Locks For Your Car Or Truck

The technology behind locks for your vehicles is not as simple as those for your interior or exterior home or office doors. These days, most vehicles are opened through a remote key fob. There might be a combination pad on your car door.

These types of locks might need to be replaced if you lose your key fob. Your locksmith will be able to easily find you a replacement fob and program it to your vehicle. If the problem lies with the lock itself, then they can quickly and easily replace that lock for you as well.