I Need a Key Fob Reprogrammed! What Do I Do?

You never want to get stuck without a spare operating smart fob. Let’s just say that the cost of making sure you have an extra fob on standby is much cheaper than the cost of repairing the damage after you’ve been forced to break into a locked car. However, you may be wondering how much you can expect to spend for a reprogrammed fob from a lock pro. Let’s talk fob reprogramming costs.

Can a Locksmith Reprogram a Fob?

Yes, a qualified lock expert should be able to help you get a fob reprogrammed. There are actually several reasons why you might need a lock expert to help you with a fob. Here’s a look at the common reasons why people visit locksmiths for help with car fobs:

  • They’ve lost a fob. In some cases, a pro may be able to help you reprogram an old fob. This varies by vehicle and fob style. It’s also possible to use generic fobs that you purchase in many cases.
  • They’ve broken a fob. If a fob has malfunctioned due to damage or age, it can sometimes be fixed and reprogrammed.
  • The battery has died. If a fob’s battery dies, it’s sometimes necessary to do a reprogramming after replacing the battery to get it working again.

The reason why many people opt to go with a third-party lock pro instead of returning to a car dealership for a new fob is that dealerships charge a lot for replacement fobs. That usually means several hundred dollars. Many people find that they’re are able to pay a fraction of the price by having a fob reprogrammed. If you don’t have a fob to work with, turning a generic fob into a custom fob with some programming help from a lock pro can also cut costs!

How Much Does It Cost to Reprogram a Key Fob?

Several factors determine the cost to reprogram a fob. While it’s hard to give a universal estimate, the general cost is between $50 and $250 for reprogramming. Here’s a look at some factors that can determine price:

  • Fob Type: Smart keys with a transponder (RFID), keyless ignition, or other extra features tend to be more expensive to reprogram.
  • Vehicle Brand: Fob complexity varies by manufacturer. Some car brands make it harder to reprogram keys.
  • Vehicle Model: Within a car brand, certain models have more complex fobs than others.

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