Why call a locksmith for a car key replacement? The simple answer is that the fix will probably be much cheaper than calling your dealership. Dealerships notoriously charge high prices for replacement car keys and fobs. In many cases, locksmiths are able to provide workarounds that cost a fraction of what dealerships charge.

Can Locksmiths Help With Car Keys?

Absolutely! However, not all locksmiths provide services related to vehicle keys. Make sure you’re finding a lock pro that offers a full range of services for car batteries that includes:

  • Smart key replacement.
  • Fob replacement.
  • Fob reprogramming.
  • Central processing unit (CPU) flashing.

Locksmiths know techniques for getting a new car key or fob that save time and money. In many cases, you may be able to skip exorbitant dealership fees by simply getting a generic fob replacement. That includes key and fob replacements for high-end vehicles from makers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Yes, locksmiths that handle lost car keys also handle key replacements for motorcycles.

Locksmiths Offer 24-Hour Service for Car Key Replacements

Lock pros that are serious about offering impeccable service to help you get out of a frustrating situation should offer 24-hour service. If you’re locked out of your car because of a lost, misplaced or stolen key, it’s possible to get a locksmith to come to you to provide 24-hour lockout service. In many cases, knowing about a good lock pro in your area can save you from the hassle of having to call the police to get back into your vehicle. This can also save you from the hassle of damaging your car’s window or locks by trying to “break in” to gain access to your car again.

Get Car Key Replacement Help in Lakewood, Galveston or Dickinson

If you need a key replacement, getting in touch with the right lock pro as the first step can save you from unnecessary costs, hassles and wasted time. At ProTech Key & Locksmith, we take the frustration out of getting the right replacement key. Specializing in locks of all types for more than 25 years, we provide key replacements for nearly all makes and models. If you’re looking for an easy way to get your car key replaced in Lakewood (Colorado) Galveston (Texas) or Dickinson (Texas), don’t hesitate to call now to have a lock pro help you get your problem fixed right away.