Lots of locksmiths lure customers in with deals before turning the key toward higher prices. If you’ve seen advertisements for cheap locksmiths in Texas and Colorado, there’s actually something that companies aren’t telling you. Many locksmiths that offer low rates build hidden prices into their services. There is also the problem of “getting what you pay for” when you choose a budget locksmith. The reality is that many new locksmiths are only interested in bringing in new customers. They aren’t concerned with offering the best value and service to retain lifetime customers. Learn how to spot the difference between reliable and unreliable locksmiths.

Should You Trust a Locksmith Offering a Great Rate?

While offering affordable prices doesn’t necessarily make a locksmith unreliable, there are some red flags to look for when trusting your locks to someone. A good locksmith won’t be desperate for your business because they will be busy thanks to word of mouth. Take a look at the signs of a quality locksmith:

  • They offer transparent pricing.
  • They provide 24-hour emergency services because their commitment to you doesn’t end just because they’ve taken your money once.
  • They’ve been in business for a long time.
  • They offer lock services, security systems, monitoring systems, and more because they are true lock experts.
  • They offer more than one location. This is a sign that a brand is growing right along with customer needs.
  • They don’t throw tons of money at gimmicky ads. Quality locksmiths grow by word of mouth instead of luring people in with jingles.

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ProTech Key & Locksmith has been proudly serving clients in Lakewood, Galveston, and Dickinson for 25 years without gimmicks. We offer fair rates with transparent pricing. Contact us if you’re looking for a lock pro capable of getting your attention using more than just ads!