The world stops when you can’t get your car to start. If you need a key fob replacement, you may be in a hurry to get in touch with someone who can get you back behind the wheel. Many people assume that a dealership is the only place where you can get a replacement key fob. In reality, many people streamline the process of getting a fast and affordable fob replacement by going straight to a local locksmith instead.

Why You’re Probably Overpaying When You Get a Key Fob Replacement From a Dealership

Dealerships are notorious for charging outrageous prices for key fobs. You probably noticed that if you purchased a spare when you bought your vehicle. You may be curious to know if there’s a way to get a replacement key fob without going to the dealer if you’re trying to save a little money this time around. Why do dealerships charge so much for key fobs?

The answer is that they can. Dealerships rely on the fact that most people don’t realize they can get replacement key fobs from independent locksmiths that aren’t associated with specific automakers. However, locksmiths that offer services for vehicle locks often offer a wide range of fob replacement and reprogramming services for all major makes and models.

Can You Get a Cheap Key Fob Replacement?

While it’s not easy to get a “cheap” key fob replacement, it’s definitely possible to pay much less than what dealers are charging. The reason why fobs are so expensive is that you’re looking at components like batteries and circuitry. It’s hard to cut corners because you need a certain level of sophistication in order to make a fob operate. However, many dealerships inflate the cost of key fobs simply because they know that customers in need of emergency support will pay whatever it takes to be able to drive their cars again.

Let ProTech Key & Locksmith Help You Get an Affordable Replacement Key Fob

ProTech Key & Locksmith has been helping people get back behind the wheel for more than 25 years. We offer key and fob replacements for a wide range of vehicles. There’s a good chance we can get a fob made and programmed for your specific car in no time at all. We even offer 24-hour emergency lockout services for our clients throughout the Lakewood, Denver, Galveston, and Dickinson areas. Reach out today to get a quote for a replacement fob!